Sunday, March 17, 2013

Leadership According to Mick!

I saw the attached link,clip when I watched the movie Rocky many years ago. Through the years this scene has always stuck out in my mind that it is relevant when speaking about leadership no matter the industry.

This will probably get leaders to chuckle sarcastically, doubting this message. How can a fictional character, Mickey Goldmill, send a message to business leaders? Listen to the whole clip before judging it and realize that there are some key topics of leadership he shares with Rocky that can be used in organizations today.

After Mickey small talks with Rocky he proceeds with his first lesson. Organizations absolutely need effective managers (leaders). The importance of good leadership is essential for a business to thrive. They set goals for employees and try to keep them focused on what's important for the business, and how they can achieve success. Leaders create a vision and then need the ability to be able to share this with a diverse group of people with unique talents, different values, and a variety of priorities and then buy into it.

About halfway through this clip Mickey suggests to Rocky about not drinking a beer before his fight. He then delivers a message to him explaining that he never had management to help protect him. His opponents were able to punch holes in his face and career because he lacked leadership. Mickey Goldmill then tries to persuade Rocky to allow him to lead him to be able to share his knowledge helping him avoid failure and allowing him to climb the rankings. Leadership does the same things in business. It guides us through effective communication and passing along key knowledge acquired. This shared knowledge will help guide people through the work day, maybe their personal lives, build networks, and help us career path properly to bigger and better jobs.

Rocky, like many of us, turns Mickey down saying management, leadership isn't needed. It would be a hindrance instead of being helpful. He was willing to go into his fight without guidance. Employees need to be responsible in finding the value effective leadership brings. They need to see that success is the goal for all not failure. The knowledge, experiences, and pain shared is the value provided.  

So as Rocky proceeds with his tirade about management, leadership. Yelling at Mickey as he leaves, asking him if he wants to be present as he gets pummeled know that business leaders face the same dilemma. They want to guide, we just have to want to put our hands out collectively, like Rocky at the end, to shake our leaders hands and accept the mentoring provided

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