Sunday, March 22, 2009

Motivate Team Members Differently

My first supervision job taught me a valuable lesson as a leader and that is to motivate each person on your team differently. I remember that one of the people reporting to me reached a production milestone in the department. I alerted my manager and the response was "fantastic go reward the behavior!" So I told her I would make an announcement in our team meeting, set up a luncheon, and present an award to the employee. I was met with a luke warm response. My manager proceeded to ask me if I ever asked that person how they would like to be recognized. When I told her I didn't she mentioned that if I continue with these plans only to find out all of this recognition embarrassed the employee my actions would have a negative impact on the individual.

So I spoke with the employee, gave that person a congratulatory card, and asked how she would like to be recognized the response I got was that the card and time I gave to her was sufficient. That individual liked a quiet, private acknowledgement of her accomplishments. Another employee may have enjoyed lunch, awards, and recognition of accomplishments at a team or company event.

As leaders we need to recognize that each person on a team has different personalities and likes to be recognized and rewarded for a job well done in differently. Leaders need to find that information out and creatively carry out the things each employee communicates.

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